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November's Autumn: Wentworth Place

Wentworth Place

Inspiration can be anywhere. At a simple coffee shop, in your own kitchen, maybe sometimes it's harder to tune into. Other places it's bursting like near the ocean or someplace extraordinarily beautiful. Keats wrote some of his best work at the home of his friend Charles Brown with whom he stayed for a while. It was also there he met Fanny Brawne. We can't help but be curious of the places great minds lived in. Here's a tour of Wentworth Place in pictures, from Keats House Museum's FaceBook and Zimbio
Keats' Room
Detail of the carpet and bedpost
A parlour, it looks so light and fresh
A bust of Keats
The second parlor
The view from the parlor
Fanny Brawne's Room
Reliefs and a sketch of the poet
To the right is the ring Keats gave to Fanny


Elena said...

Oh what an amazing place! I'd love to spend at least a day there, just reading and relaxing with a good cup of tea.